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We have arrived at Ivančica. Our Ivančica is the green jewel of Ivanec and one of the highest mountains in Croatian Zagorje. This beautiful mountain offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors looking for natural beauties and outdoor activities.

The northern slope that descends into the valley of the Bednja river has a distinctly mountainous character, it is steep and weakly branched. The mountain is about 30 km long and up to 9 km wide. It stretches in an east-west direction and is a type of chained mountain with the highest peak at 1060 meters. It stretches for a length of 27 kilometers with the greatest width between Belec and Ivanec, which is nine kilometers. The central part of the mountain massif consists of Triassic dolomites and limestones with Tertiary deposits at the base. In the Middle Ages, Ivančica was called Očura by the surrounding inhabitants of these regions, but later, together with Ivanec, it was named after the Catholic order of Ivanovci (Hospitallers), who owned their estates and fortified monasteries at the northern foot of the mountain.

Ivančica offers a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings. The ascent to the top is gentle and pleasant, suitable even for family trips thanks to the generous shade of forest paths and greenery. Ivančica also offers more demanding trails for experienced mountaineers. And in winter, Ivančica becomes a paradise for winter fun on snow.

Hiking is not the only activity you can enjoy on Ivančica. For cyclists, there are numerous cycle paths by which you can explore hidden places and enjoy spectacular viewpoints, and photography lovers have the opportunity to photograph the beautiful landscape.