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What can we see here? Imagine the life of our ancestors - grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, and mothers - who inhabited these areas centuries before us. How did they perform their daily work? How did they celebrate holidays and family moments? What kind of clothes did they wear and what did they eat? What did they keep in cupboards and chests? Have we preserved pieces of that past in our homes and do we understand their importance?

The Ivanec Collector's Club provides answers to these questions. A visit to the Club's exhibitions and a look at the numerous exhibits can encourage us to think about past times and their value. Here old objects are kept from oblivion and young people are encouraged to appreciate and recognize the importance of the past. Socializing, exchange of ideas and help in replenishing the collections are encouraged through various initiatives.

The showcase of the Ivanec Collectors' Club, according to the creator and first exhibitor Boris Jagetić Daraboš, also called Boris's Showcase, is an interesting and unique project of exhibitors and collectors who change the lineup every few months and present diverse thematic small exhibitions of various old and discarded objects of practical use.

The first display was arranged by Boris Jagetić Daraboš, who exhibited mining carabiner lamps, kerosene lamps, irons, mortars, old clocks and some clay objects.