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We are now near the Ivanečki bajeri lakes, once a marshy ground that has become home to a diverse fish world. Their creation was prompted by underground mining shafts that collapsed over time, creating vast water surfaces. If you enjoy fishing, which many anglers describe as pure meditation, these lakes are a must-see.

In order to enjoy fishing in this beautiful environment, you don't need to worry about basic equipment because the Fishing Lodge is right next to the coast. It can accommodate 60 people in a pleasant environment inside, but also up to 200 people on the beautiful outdoor covered terrace. It is an ideal place to enjoy a meal and a refreshing drink while enjoying the picturesque view of the lakes.

This beautiful landscape is the home of the Ivanec Sport Fishing Club, which takes care of the wealth of fish life in this area.

The Club has jurisdiction over the river Bednja, with a permit for fishing from the source all the way to Završje. Also, the jurisdiction includes a part of the Plitvica River and the entire course of the Bistrica stream, all Ivanec lakes as well as lakes located in Cerje and Brodarevec.

Anglers who visit this area can enjoy the wealth of different types of fish. Carp, grass carp, perch, pike, tench, common bream, Prussian carp, common roach, crucian carp, catfish, trout perch and numerous other types of fish live here in peaceful coexistence. The diversity of the fish stock provides exciting challenges for every angler, regardless of experience and preferences.