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The Kraševski zviri mine (Ditch Scharley) was an important mining center for mining zinc-lead ore in the area of ​​Ivanec from 1860 to 1883, and was explored until 1943.

Long-term mining activity played a key role in the economic and cultural development of Croatian Zagorje.

Mines attracted numerous entrepreneurs and researchers and became centers of education. Despite the dangers that the miners had to overcome, the majority of the population worked mostly in the mines, which formed settlements and encouraged the development of this area.

The Kraševski zviri mine is the largest preserved underground man-made object in this area. It is located on the northern side of Ivančica, below the Velika oberš elevation point, at an altitude of 450 m. For 11 years, from 1861 to 1872, lead-zinc ore was mined. Today, numerous preserved stories of miners, mining tools and records of mining life bear witness to the importance of the mining heritage that shaped Ivanec.