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This mysterious place known as Černe mlake is popularly known as a gathering place for witches or zletišče coprnic

In addition to the rich nature, Černe mlake is also an interesting place to explore local history and folklore. Legends about witches and mysterious events attract the attention of local residents, tourists and lovers of unusual stories.

The first legend says that once upon a time Jandraš, a miner from Prigorec, was intercepted in the middle of the night by three beautiful women in silky clothes. They dragged him through the Bistrica stream all the way to Černe mlake, where other women in black danced around the largest water puddle. After that bizarre encounter, Jandraš's luck in life improved significantly.

Another legend talks about a Prigorec family returning from a pilgrimage to Marija Bistrica. On the way to Ivančica, they came across a woman in white washing clothes in a stream. However, she suddenly disappeared and left all family members without the gift of speech for a while. When she came back, she was dressed in black. It is believed that it was a witch who washed away her sins in that place.

The third legend is related to Prigorec shepherds whose cattle began to disappear on the mountain. After investigating, they found many bones around the so-called "sea eye" on Černe Mlake. The people believed that witches performed their dark rituals and offered sacrifices here. One particularly unusual story tells of a cow that came back from the mountain half white, half black, and then gave an incredible amount of milk until one day it disappeared, and the people believed that the spirit of the witch from Ivančica had entered it.

Černe mlake in Ivanec is not only an interesting location interwoven with legends and mysteries, but also a unique natural resource.

This area is characterized by beautiful nature and colorful surroundings. It is dominated by several small lakes, surrounded by dense forests and greenery, which creates an idyllic setting for relaxing and enjoying nature. For photography enthusiasts, this place offers countless opportunities to capture beautiful landscapes and natural wonders.