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Welcome to Ivanec: a town of miners, mountaineers, legends and a turbulent history! Allow us to take you through the story of this interesting town. Ivanec is special in many ways: its natural beauties, cultural heritage, unusual history and archaeological sites, and we branded it as a mountaineering town because of the Ivančica mountain, under which Ivanec made its nest.

The area of ​​the town of Ivanec extends to 29 settlements with a little less than 13,000 inhabitants, whose warmth and hospitality are the distinguishing features of this town.

One of the most significant attributes of Ivanec is its connection with the Ivančica mountain. This beautiful mountain is the lifeblood and symbol of the town. Hiking trails present Ivančica as a favorite destination for all nature and hiking lovers.

With the richness of its history, Ivanec managed to stand out as an important cultural center and resist numerous historical trials and turmoil. Located in Varaždin County, it covers over 9,581 hectares. Its history and geographical location make it the key center of this part of Croatia.

Ivanec is an archaeological jewel that was marked on world discovery maps as one of the first abodes of the human race. Stone axes from the Bronze Age were discovered here, giving us an insight into the prehistoric heritage. The importance of these discoveries is not only in their material value, but also in the deep understanding of the evolution of human civilization.

The first mentions of the town date back more than six centuries. The town got its name after the chapel of St. John the Baptist, built in the 13th century. That saint is still the town's patron saint, so June 24 is celebrated as the Day of the Town of Ivanec. During the Middle Ages, Ivanec was connected with the headquarters of the order Fratres hospitalis sancti Johannis Iherisolimamitani, known as the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

When we say that Ivanec is a town with a turbulent history, we mean the frequent changes of owners that passed through the Old Town of Ivanec and its surroundings. The Petheö de Gerse family owned the property for 250 years. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the property changed, and the castle in Ivanec played a key role in the history of the place. The Kukuljević-Sakcinski family became the owner of the castle in 1867. They left an indelible mark in Ivanec with their arrangement of the park and their dedication to education.

Indeed, Ivanec is more than meets the eye. This town hides countless stories.