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Mountain lodge on Ivančica today offers complete comfort to numerous mountaineers and hikers. Two spacious dining rooms with a total of 60 seats and a well-equipped kitchen are at your disposal. The dormitories have 40 beds and a bathroom. An annex with a private bathroom, terrace, cellar and storage room offers additional comfort for 12 people. The spring water is refreshing on the way up, and the electric network ensures a pleasant stay in all conditions.

Mountaineering came to Ivanec twenty years after the founding of the Croatian Mountaineering Society (HPD) in Zagreb in 1874. The first traces of mountaineering activity in Ivančica date back to 1893, when buildings were built on Ivančica. Božidar Kukuljević Sakcinski, a prominent man from Ivanec, became a founding member of HPD and actively encouraged the development of mountaineering.

The formal establishment of the mountaineering branch in Ivanec dates to 1898, while 1901 was officially marked as the beginning of organized mountaineering activities. After World War I, in 1923, the branch office of the Croatian Mountaineering Society in Ivančica was re-established, and later the construction of a mountain lodge on Ivančica followed. The lodge was opened in 1929.

Over the years, the Ivanec Mountaineering Society has been involved in the maintenance of facilities and terrain on Ivančica and the organization of various events. The lodge on Ivančica was renovated in 1982 after a general renovation. During the Homeland War, the number of members was reduced, but the society still takes care of mountaineering property and operates in several sections, including the Sports and Climbing Section, which was founded in 2008.

Regardless of whether you are a hiker, a vacationer or looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Mountain lodge on Ivančica offers everything for a relaxed stay in a beautiful environment with famous local hospitality.