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The chapel of St. Donat in Ivanec is one of the historical and cultural pearls of this area. Its history dates to 1748, when it was built, but over time it unfortunately became a victim of decay. It was restored thanks to the noble initiative of one man and the generosity of the local community.

Ladislav Kukuljević recognized the importance of preserving this historical monument and in 1891 decided to completely restore the chapel of St. Donat. Kukuljević donated the necessary quantities of bricks and tiles for the renovation and thus provided material support to the project.

However, the restoration would not have been possible without the help of the local community, which showed its dedication and commitment to its own cultural heritage. The residents of Ivanec made their contribution, both in money and through voluntary work. Their cooperation and joint efforts enabled the reconstruction of the chapel.

Thanks to this initiative, the chapel of Saint Donat is once again a beautiful place that attracts visitors and believers. Its history and restoration testify to the love for cultural heritage and the common goal of preserving the past for future generations.