Gastronomy of Ivanec - a delicious meal from the past

The gastronomy of the town of Ivanec is rich in traditional dishes and local specialties, which present the well-known northern hospitality. Forests and vineyards bear the most delicious fruits, and almost every Ivanec garden grows local fruits and vegetables.

Some of the most famous dishes are: Ivanec hunters' sausage (jeger), Ivanec sausages and hot dogs, rudarska greblica (savoury cheese cake), zlijefka, homemade savory bread rolls (klipić), turkey with mlinci (as part of festive occasions), pečenice (sausages with buckwheat porridge) and numerous traditional cakes. Ivanec is a well-known part of the Croatian Zagorje wine region, and the winegrowers of this area are known for producing excellent wines. Try our local wines, they will delight you. We recommend Grashevina white, Burgundy white, Grashevina rhein, Kraljevina, Moslavac (shipon), Silvaner, Muscat Silvaner, Traminer, Styrian white, Portuguese black, Frankovka and other varieties.

Classic dishes such as baked potatoes with mlinci and meat are often prepared for family gatherings and special occasions. You should also not miss traditional delicacies such as "štrukli" or "buhtle" filled with various fillings. The sumptuous forests of Ivanec abound with chestnuts and mushrooms, attracting passionate mushroom pickers from the surrounding towns and cities.

The town of Ivanec has numerous restaurants, inns, and diners where you can taste local specialties and get to know the town's rich culinary heritage.