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Ivanec City Park is one of the most beautiful places in Ivanec, and it is an example of beautiful landscape architecture. The once neglected pond and meadow were transformed into an English garden thanks to Božidar Kukuljević Sakcinski. This park is a favorite place for relaxation, walks and various events.

The recently renovated park also contains a newly built pavilion that is visited by guests attending various events all year round. The park is considered the most beautiful postcard of the town, and during manifestations it becomes a particularly vibrant place, full of positive energy.

The chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which Ladislav Kukuljević Sakcinski had built in 1881 as a memorial to his wife, was once located in this area. Unfortunately, the chapel was demolished in 1961 due to a lightning strike, but its traces testify to the history of the place.

Within the park, you can also visit the Visitor Center where you will learn more about the rich history of this area.

One of the most impressive elements of the park is the old linden tree, a beautiful tree over 600 years old. This linden tree is a symbol of the town and was cloned so that its descendants would be planted throughout the town, preserving its heritage. The tree has been a witness to many historical events and changes and continues to tell the story of life in Ivanec.