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Founded in 1925, the institution known as Pahinsko took care of juveniles from all over the Kingdom who had gone astray. At the beginning of its work, the institution received 35 boys.

Despite the name change, the Ivanec Educational Center has always emphasized the education and training of children. In the early stages, children learned skills such as carpentry, tailoring and woodworking. Over the decades, programs were developed, adapted to modern needs, and new trades have been introduced, such as machine assembly and parquet floor laying.

Also, we must point out that this property was owned by the father of our composer Nikola Faller in the past. Nikola Faller was born on April 22, 1862 in this place, which was then a manor house on the family estate. The manor was built in the middle of the 19th century by his father, a lawyer from Ivanec. Faller's mother, Valerija, came from the family of Counts Oršić. Nikola Faller was a prominent Croatian conductor and composer. His musical legacy includes more than 250 performed works, 1900 conducting performances and over 40 original compositions, including chamber compositions, choral songs and church music.

The Faller family moved to Zagreb in 1877, and the property was sold to Gustav Taussig. In the end, the property was bought by the Royal Prison in Lepoglava, and in 1925 the Pahinsko State Training Center, today's Ivanec Educational Center, was established.  

With the adaptation and development of the program over the years, the Ivanec Educational Center remains to this day an extremely important factor in the upbringing and education of young people.