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We are now in the Old Town Ivanec. The Old Town unfortunately no longer exists, but throughout its turbulent history it went through various phases of construction, renovation, and ownership. It was heavily damaged during World War II, the remaining two towers were demolished in 1959, and their remains were incorporated into the foundations of the main streets of Ivanec.

The origin of the town has not been precisely determined, but the first reliable data come from 1558, when Frakcija Choron became the first owner. King Ferdinand II mentioned that the town of Ivanec had been created from the ruins of the old Crusader church. But that turned out to be wrong since the chapel still existed at that time.

The Petheö chapel from 1674 was an important part of the town, but in 1844 it was partially demolished. It is connected to the Petheö family, which owned the town during the 18th century.

After a series of owner changes, including Ladislav Erdödy and Baron Adam Peharnik-Hotković, the town finally came into the hands of the Kukuljević family. Ladislav Kukuljević then rebuilt and arranged the town.

However, the Old Town was badly damaged during World War II. After the war it was nationalized and the remaining towers were further damaged and finally demolished in 1959.

At the end of the 20th century, archaeological excavations began at the site of the Old Town of Ivanec and interesting finds from the Roman era were found. These excavations lead to this area becoming an archaeological park where more detailed research will continue.