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Welcome to the Žgano vino resting point, an interesting refreshment stop on the way up to Ivančica.

Next to the spacious parking lot, you can see comfortable benches for relaxation, which allow you to take a moment of rest in a wonderful environment. But what makes this place special is the natural spring Žgano vino.

The Žgano vino spring was named after the Mrzljak trail that passes through here. This water, which our fellow citizens talk about with pride, is considered the best quality water in the world. This is not surprising because it comes from the crystal-clear heart of the mountain underground.

In addition to providing a perfect refuge for rest and refreshment, the Žgano vino resting point marks the beginning of the ascent to the top of Ivančica. Many mountaineers decide to start their adventure from this place and right there, with a sip from the spring of Žgano vino, they refresh themselves before heading towards the top.