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We are located at the 10 meters high Viewpoint Piramida, which was built at the highest elevation point of Ivančica. This viewpoint is one of the most beautiful in continental Croatia because it is located in the center of Zagorje. It is built of iron on solid concrete foundations. This is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the fresh air and the exciting views that can be seen from all sides.

In July 1893, the Croatian Mountaineering Society erected a wooden pyramid on the top of Ivančica, high at 1061 meters.

Father Robert Kauk from Lepoglava consecrated the pyramid in the presence of mountaineers and dignitaries from Varaždin and Zagreb.

However, over time, the pyramid deteriorated and collapsed in 1917.

In 1929, a new metal pyramid was placed in the same place, which has been preserved to this day.