Ivonjski fasink (carnival)

Fašnik customs of Ivanec area

fasink3Time in church year between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday is marked by special manifestations – carnivals. Fašnik customs in region of Ivanec are celebrated on Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday, and the carnival of Ivanec, called “Ivonjski fašnik” is held on Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

Once there were gomile (gamile) walking through the villages of Ivanec. Gomile are the men masked in mares, covered with white sheet or jute with the mask of the horse on the long stick. Somewhere gomile were on the two legs, and somewhere on the four legs.

Besides gomile, houses were visited by “mačkari”, and the most interesting were “mačkari mladenci” (newlyweds mačkari). They were followed by local “mužikaši” (musicians), and they would dance drmeš or polka in front of every house. Hosts would reward them with donates and the drink.

Ivonjski fašink

Carnival of Ivanec, called “Ivonjski fašink”, gathers great number of participants on the streets of Ivanec every year; those masked, as well as those who are only spectators. Besides many domestic maškare (masked people), many masked guests from the neighboring places, but from all the Croatia and from abroad as well, come to “Fašnik.

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