Watermill work

Because of its steady flow, stream Bistrica is an ideal place for building watermill, sometime ago there were 19 watermills on it. Even in 1849 a family Pust reconstructed former snuff factory into an artificial mill, which at the beginning of 20th century achieved the biggest annual profit in the district, even bigger than that of Vienna industrial-coal yard company which was the second in total production.

Beside the successful artificial mill of Franjo Pust on stream Bistrica there were small private mills which grinded wheat for the needs of district Ivanec. One of them is Friščićev mill in Prigorec. The mill was built in 1956. and it was used for grinding wheat for citizens of Prigorec.

With a lack of water in stream Bistrica the mill was closed 20 years later and the same fate fell upon other Ivanec mills.

The mill was rebuilt in 2005. In the surrounding are of it, one can see two large sculptures from authentic Lepoglav artist Dragutin Jamnić - Dragec, three meters high sculpture of a mill worker Andria who is carrying a basket of flour on his head, and sculpture of a miller’s wife with twisted hair carrying pots of water.

The mill is the first class tourist attraction for numerous hikers and mountaineers on the way to Ivanica, and by the Frišćič mill visitors can refresh from well of fresh water that Jamnić called Jamnička.

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