Kukuljevic-Reiter's watermill

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mlin7panoramaThis is a watermill that even today attracts attention due to the size of its construction. It was the second largest after Pust's watermill, so it stood out from the other watermills. The location of this watermill was right next to the Bistrica Stream and even today there are architectonic and constructional remains of a dam in the streambed near the watermill. In 1906, landowner Božidar Kukuljević became its first owner, while Franjo Reiter owned the place later. First, the watermill performed services of grinding wheat of all sorts, but later it was redesigned to grind specific grain types. People here name it “Rajterov melin“ (Reiter's watermill), probably due to the change in its ownership. Kukuljević's watermill stopped working in 1940. Later, a cardboard department and a carpenter's workshop was housed there.

sakcinskiivanecBožidar Kukuljević Sakcinski

Božidar Kukuljević Sakcinski was born on 31 March 1861 in Zagreb and died on 19 January 1927 in Ivanec. He was the son of the famous Ivan Kukuljević-Sakcinski. In 1986, he inherited a property with a castle in Ivanec from his uncle Ladislav, which made him a famous landowner in that area. Božidar Kukuljević Sakcinski designed the final appearance of the Old Town castle, which we know from the postcards. Older residents of Ivanec remember the castle's size and beauty. He also designed the English pleasure garden (today's park) and decorated the rooms in the castle with stylistic furniture and pictures belonging to the heritage of his famous father Ivan: original Vjekoslav Karas paintings, portrays of prominent people in Croatia's history, and many other works of art. He personally was a great lover of music and literature, writing poems himself. He followed all the literary phenomena in Croatia with great interest and also wrote literary outlines and reviews at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Božidar Kukuljević Sakcinski was one of the founders of the "Society of the Brothers of the Croatian Dragon" and the president of the Singing Association "Kolo" in Zagreb and "Vila" in Varaždin. He also founded the chapter of the Croatian Mountaineering Society in Ivanec in 1898.


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