Ivica Sutej's watermill “Mucko's watermill”

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Its first owner was Ivica Šutej, known for his musical and instrumental talent. The watermill stopped working in 1952.
Later, the house and land came into possession of the Mucko family, which is why people call it "Muckov melin” (Mucko's watermill) even today. According to local stories, the family never performed milling activities.
Oral traditions discover interesting facts about the private life and the previous owner's inclination towards musical art, which can be associated with Jakov Gotovac's comic opera “Ero the Joker“.
Rudolf Bićanić writes about the close connection between the devil and millers in people's imagination, which can be noticed in the famous Croatian folk opera “Ero the Joker” by Jakov Gotovac, who gave the miller's song a special charm comparable to the cheerful personality of the owner of this watermill.

"…The water is babbling, the millstone is grunting,
the spoons are rattling like clappers,
under the stone grains are creaking,
fine flour is drizzling finely:
Better hurry if you must have your grains ground as
everything will be ground by Sima the miller!
Like a live human heart
the watermill is rushing, shivering, thumping.
When a mill on the water comes to a standstill,
nobody enters it.
When a heart stops beating,
life extinguishes - death appears…"

There are many reasons why we are not surprised by the numerous Ivanec legends referring to water, mills and mystic folk beliefs.
Among the owners of the Ivanec watermills, we find landowners, musicians, industrialists, intellectuals, and professional millers. In a way, we can talk about a social upgrade of one region's microeconomics during a certain period of time.

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