Where to stay

Rural holiday home Stella, 4 suns

This property offers various amenities to make guests feel comfortable all year round. If you have pets, feel free to bring them with you. In the summer months, the air conditioner cools the house to a comfortable temperature, and in the winter, heating is provided for cold days.

There is a spacious parking lot, and a children's playground. The house has free WiFi, and if you want to relax after a busy week, take a dip in the hydromassage tub. Socializing is always sweeter with a delicious barbecue that we have in the outer part of the building. The view from the house extends to a fragrant orchard and a green vineyard. Enjoy the rural paradise "Holiday House Stella"!

  • Punikve 84G, Ivanec
  • 3 bedrooms, 6+2 persons
  • +385 91 469 3229
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