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The Convent of Mary the Coredemptrix

The Convent of Mary the Coredemptrix


After the expulsion of the older sisters from Nova Topola and Bosanski Aleksandrovac, it was necessary to find a new place for their accommodation. Thanks to generous donors, the sisters started the construction of the monastery in Ivanečki Vrhovec, near Ivanec, in 1993. The house was built quickly, and the first sisters moved in on December 9, 1994.

The first mass in the monastery chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows was held on April 8, 1995. The chapel soon became a gathering place for the residents of Ivanečki Vrhovec who looked forward to the presence of the sisters near them.

Today, sisters of different age groups live in this community, including those who are sick, and the sisters who take care of them. Among them are sisters who are actively involved in the apostolate, such as religious teachers in primary and secondary schools, heads of parish catechesis and the Blood of Christ Community, who animate liturgical rites and many other activities.

The monastery also serves as a center for spiritual renewal and exercises for young people, sisters, theologians, deacons and members of various church associations and movements.