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Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene


The Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Ivanec is a true treasure trove of historical and artistic treasures. This beautiful church was built during the 18th century, and its current form was formed in the 19th century. With a spacious sanctuary and side chapels, historically and artistically significant sculptures and paintings can be found inside.

The baptistery with sculptures of sitting lions carrying a vessel with a relief front decorated with cherubs, probably dating from the Middle Ages, is especially significant. A lavishly painted vault was discovered under a layer of lime plaster, which is believed to be the work of an author from the "Ranger School", if not John the Baptist Ranger, a fresco painter from the Pauline period, himself.

The church has precious ecclesiastical vessels including baroque chalices and paxes decorated with precious stones. The organ from 1887, the work of Master Hefer, provides an unforgettable musical experience.

Wall paintings in the choir, painted by Antun Dovečer in 1779, hold particular value. With the artistic process typical of the late Baroque, he depicted scenes with famous characters and physiognomy, using fine brush strokes and rich colors.

The Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Ivanec is truly a sacred gem that provides all believers and visitors with a real artistic and historical experience.