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Friščić's watermill

Friščić's watermill


The exceptional spirit of old times still lives in Friščić's watermill, built in 1956, which once served as the heart of the community while grinding grain for the residents of Prigorec. First, the mill was owned by Andrija Friščić, and today it is taken care of by his son Stjepan Friščić. This is also the only watermill on the Bistrica stream that is still working.

The watermill was renovated in 2004 with the support of the Ivanec Tourist Board and is now the only active watermill in this area. The mill grinds grain in the traditional way, by turning a water mill wheel, the way it was done a hundred years ago.

How it all looks today

Mr. Friščić grinds everything from his fields, except spelt, in the mill. There is yellow and white corn, wheat, rye, and buckwheat. In his family everything is homemade, they are happy to host visitors and tourists, so we definitely recommend visiting the mill and listening to the fascinating life story of the hardworking Mr. Friščić. Thus, in addition to its primary function, Friščić's watermill became a tourist attraction, attracting many hikers on their way to Mt. Ivančica. Here you can refresh yourself from the source of drinking water and enjoy the sounds of the water wheel. If you arrive on time, you can eat homemade corn soup, porridge, and zlevanka cake.

Brief history

Friščić's watermill was connected to a wooden mill that used to be located 50 meters down, toward Ivanec. The Pofuk family from Prigorec was the first owner of that old mill. Andrija Friščić leased the mill in 1939, and after World War II he bought it from the Pofuk family. However, over time, the worn-out wooden mill was replaced by the current watermill, built in a new location.