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Mt. Ivančica

Mt. Ivančica


Poleg jedne velke gore,
kada prejdeš mnoge dole,
tam buš videl nekaj bele,
to je naše Ivanečke sele.

I am Ivančica, also known as "Ivanščica", the highest mountain in Croatian Zagorje. I watch over it like a mother. My highest peak is at 1060 meters above sea level and I am the highest mountain north of the Sava River.

I stretch in the west-east direction, surrounded by silver watercourses such as Bednja, the upper course of Lonja, Krapina and Veliki potok. I rise like a queen above velvety hills and forests, soft meadows, while majestic birds fly above me, bringing me news from distant seas, coasts, and high mountains. My southern hill is my gentler alter ego because in one part I merge with the hills to calm them down and to whisper to them thousands of stories that I have collected in my mountain being.

How did I get my name?

In the Middle Ages, I was called Očura, but later, together with my Ivanec, I was named after the Catholic order of St. John of Jerusalem (Ivanovci), who owned their estates and fortified monasteries at the northern foot of the mountain. Today, they call me Ivančica, although some older people still use the name Ivanščica, especially those who live closer to me. I like both names, I liked the name Očura the least because that name was completely unworthy of a beauty like me. To get an impression of my size, you must know that I stretch for 27 kilometers with the greatest width between Belec and Ivanec - nine kilometers.

What am I made of?

The central part of my massif consists of Triassic dolomites and limestones with Tertiary deposits at the base. Once upon a time, various earthquakes and tectonic changes took place around me that shaped me into what I am today. There is no order without chaos and no beauty without a price. I was shaped by the powerful forces of nature, which were not at all merciful, but gave me strength. My waist is hidden by a dense forest that grows 300 meters above sea level. On me you can find the remains of the oak and common hornbeam forests, while the steady and reliable beech prevails at a slightly higher altitude. And my ridge... That is a truly special story. I am not modest, so I invite you to explore my long ridge where you can enjoy mountain clearings with beautiful flower meadows ideal for picnics, sunbathing in summer, walks, skiing in winter. Breathe my fresh air and enjoy the spectacular views from all my sides!

Visit me but respect my territory.

In spring and summer, I am blooming and fragrant, beautiful like a newly awakened rose, while in winter I am covered with a white blanket of soft snow that puts my young flowers and buds to sleep, preparing them for the new season. Despite my exceptional beauty, I must warn you that I also hide some dangerous places such as steep slopes and rocks that are sharp and hostile. In some places I am torn by deep canyons, and I also have sharp peaks and ridges - these are my "teeth". Although I am old and ancient, time does not harm me or leave traces because I am the mighty Mountain. But I must have protection because I have been alone for ages.

What do I sometimes dream of?

My loneliness used to make me sad. Maybe it would be nice if once upon a time I was part of a bigger and massive mountain range. It would be great if I could get close to a bigger brother or sister who would protect me from strong winds, heavy rains, snowdrifts and harsh sunlight. But today I am happy. So many hikers visit my steep slopes that we are never bored. But the most important thing is that I have my Ivanec and Ivanec has me. Do I need more?