Active rest

A healthy mind in a healthy body

In the town of Ivanec, all sports enthusiasts and recreationists have plenty of opportunities to actively spend their free time. The town is proud of two modern beach volleyball courts, which have become the center of the development of volleyball in Ivanec. These 1,000 m2 playgrounds are intended for everyone: children, students, recreational players, volleyball clubs and all lovers of this dynamic sport.

For tennis lovers, there is the "Ivanec Tennis Center", which has been operating successfully since 1995. This center offers three tennis courts, one of which has special lighting for night play. During the colder months, a balloon is raised in October, allowing for year-round play. Tennis school under professional guidance, allows everyone to improve their tennis skills. In addition to tennis, the center has a multifunctional playground for beach sports, and there is also a playground for children.

For adrenaline adventurers, the Skate and Bike Park offers an ideal space for skating, cycling and running. Skate and bike ramps are installed here, while the outdoor gym uses professional strength training equipment.

For those looking for excitement and challenge, Hacienda Center is the right place. Here you can experience paintball in forest terrain, test your courage and tactics and win the most points through teamwork and communication. In addition to paintball, you can try various sports on the universal field, walk in the forest or enjoy a barbecue on a wooden terrace surrounded by nature.

The sports hall at High School Ivanec gathers athletes and recreationists from all over the town. In addition to handball, indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball, the hall is adapted for holding various events and concerts. With a capacity of 1,500 seats, it can accommodate an additional 1,500 visitors during concerts. The hall is equipped with changing rooms, showers, a fitness center, and catering. It is available for rent from 3:30 pm to 11:00 pm.