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The Ivanec Cycling Route is a true oasis for cycling lovers. This circular route offers many advantages and opportunities for exploration and is particularly interesting for its diversity. Here you will come across a real collage of natural and cultural beauties, and you can pedal for days or just a few hours, depending on which route you choose. During your bicycle journey, you can stop and get to know numerous churches, chapels, forts, natural phenomena, promenades with streams and waterfalls, our mansions and special historical buildings. You can also get refreshment everywhere in the form of delicious homemade food and drinks, if you want to rest and refresh. Over 80 km of pure pleasure awaits you.

Let's check out the exciting routes on two wheels.

Let's go on a trip along the Ivanec cycling route. This route leads you not only through the town of Ivanec, but also through a number of other idyllic places, creating an incredible cycling experience. If we start with dry facts, then you must know that the length of the Ivanec cycling route is 63 kilometers, and the highest point of altitude reaches a high 478 meters. The route itself is circular in nature, and the journey begins at Trg hrvatskih ivanovaca Square and Frankopanska Street.

On this journey through the administrative area of the town of Ivanec, you will be greeted by Ivanec and numerous picturesque villages: the town of Ivanec, Prigorec, Ivanečka Željeznica, Željeznica, Margečan, Osečka, Pece, Radovan, Gačice, Stažnjevec, Lukavec, Cerje Tužno, Salinovec, Ivanečki Vrhovec, Punikve, Horvatsko, Jerovec, Lančić, Vuglovec, Kaniža, Gečkovec and Knapić. With this route, you can explore the wealth of nature, culture and history of this area, while enjoying the beautiful sceneries undisturbed.

The full length of the Ivanec cycling route and its integrated units is an impressive 86.6 km, and traveling on two wheels turns into an unforgettable experience for every lover of nature and adventure. When we say five units, we mean branches that connect to the main, 63 kilometers long route.

The county's "Big-Small" cycling route passes through the Ivanec region, as well as the "From Castle to Castle" route. More information is available at